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Hello Phead128,
Originally Posted by Phead128
I clicked File > Quick Connect...

and entered my Hostname and Username, and did not change any other information, and clicked Connect button.

A messagebox pops up and says "WSAENOTCONN: Not Connected"

Is there a problem with my connection or what I am doing?
In order to answer your question, I will need to get a little more information.

The first question would be are you using CRT or SecureCRT?

Can you tell me the version and build number of the version that you are using? This information is located in the Help / About menu.

If possible, can you click on File and enable logging and Trace options before attempting to connect and send us the log from a connection attempt? This will create a log showing the connection attempt, along with some important debug information that can help us narrow down the problem.

If you would rather not post the information here, you can send it to me via email to: with a subject of: Attn: Shannon re: Forums thread 1048

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