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this is a great idea. thanks alot.
i have been trying to make the Raw connection work for quite a while.
but was unsuccessful.

i ended up even recording all traffic with
my results:
SecureCRT is configured as suggested by Brenda.
the PCAP however shows, that the socket connection to was established (there is a SYN/ACK from 5037)
but nothing else happened after that.
it appears SecureCRT did not even attempt in sending the "Logon Actions"
i tried a bunch of things, also tried to disable "send initial carriage return" - but at no time, did I have a packet in my PCAP that send anything to 5037.

so i tested the same with
adb shell
from my CLI.
recorded a PCAP too. and there you can clearly see how the host and client establish a handshake, adb sends things like
and the adb daemon replies
happy to provide the PCAP files. but your devs can just plugin their android phone and install "adb", available here:
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