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Hi Duaner,

Currently, there isn't a method to specify a folder on the command line and have SecureCRT connect to the sessions in that folder.

I have entered a feature request for this option.

If this is added to any future version of SecureCRT, a post will be made here.

If you would prefer to be contacted via email, please send a message to with a subject of 'ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 1346.

There is also a quick method to create a desktop shortcut to that folder to have SecureCRT open all the connection in that folder.

By right clicking the folder in the 'Connect' dialog and selecting 'Create Desktop Shortcut', SecureCRT will automatically create a shortcut that contains a /S for each session in that folder. The command line would already have the '/S Sessionfolder\session1 /S Sessionfolder\Session2.....' so that you do not have to manually type each session name.

The shortcut would need to be created again if any sessions in that folder changed names, were deleted or were created.


Teresa Nygren