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Please indicate which tab(s) have recieved bell(s)

PLEASE indicate which tab(s) have recieved bell(s)

I often have bells "go off" in one or more tabs, but cannot tell which tab(s)!!

Possibilities that come to mind:

Blink the tab (?only if visual bell is enabled?)

Change the Status Indicator when bell is recieved. Posibilities I think of:
Change from rectangle to bell icon (would require adequate width)
Change the color or background color of the Status Indicator (or the tab)
Change the appearance of the Status Indicator (maybe striped, or half-height)

Put list of tabs that have recieved bells into Status Bar. (Not my personal choice as I usually don't show the status bar).

- Most (all?) of the above would need to be reset when the tab is activated or reactivated