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Failed to open the host key database file

We are using VCP to do command line SFTP.

It has been working fine for over a year, but recently we have also removed the xp_cmdshell ability and are using a wrapper proc that uses a proxy account to do basically the same thing.

I have SA rights so I can still execute the xp_cmdshell and the VCP works fine. But when I use the wrapper proc, it gives me the Failed to open the host key database file.

Looking at the server, we do not have a host key database file and have never used one.

So I am not sure why using the wrapper proc makes this happen (I am guessing a permissions issue), but the larger issue is what format does the host key file need to be in? I mean I can create the directory and create the file, but I cannot find any examples of what the file needs to contain or how to populate it either manually or automatically.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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