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Originally Posted by duaner
When I open an additional tab with some of my sessions I get the dialog:
The geometry setting (rows, columns, font, etc.) of the session that is connecting differ from the geometry settings of the first tab. The setting from the first tab will be used.

Which is ok and behavior is as desired, except, I cannot figure out what is different. The rows, columns, scrollbak, and font are all the same. Some sessions are fine, others are not.
I would have to see your session .INI files to know exactly what's different. You can send them to me at

-also- Please make your dialogs so that the text on them can be copied. I get tired of having to retype the text from error dialogs so that I can email it, etc. (Example above) I know lots of software does this - but I expect you to be better.
We use standard Windows message boxes and I'll need to look into whether we are able to make the text selectable or not. My guess is that we can't. However, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Insert will copy the contents of any message box to the clipboard.