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Hi Martin,
Originally Posted by martin
The printer is serial, though it also has a parallel port on it that seems to respond.

The version of CRT is the latest that was available on the website about 3 weeks ago.

The steps to configure the Zebra printer were many, depending on how I was trying to get it to go. I'd have the printer connected to the serial port, try printing raw to the printer, try printing through the windows driver, set the windows driver to print raw, etc. Repeat with parallel connection.

This reminds me: why is it that when I tell it to print to lpt1 it still has the serial settings enabled? That doesn't sound right.

The serial settings are retained because they were saved in the session .ini file, but they are not used when the LPT port is being used.

In your Session Options, under both of the categories Terminal / Printing and Terminal / Printing / Advanced, are the options labled "Use global print settings" checked?

If not, try configuring the printer to use the parallel port, and then select the "Direct pass-through printing to port:" option, making sure that the correct port is selected. Do you see the same behavior?

Can you send me a Raw log of this session after these changes are made? This is done by enabling the "Raw log session" option in the File menu prior to connecting to the server.

Also, would you be able to send me a copy of the .ini file for this session?

Rather than post the files here, please send them to me at: with a subject of:
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