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Integration of Cloud-Storage in SecureFX


we are i think all somehow in the way to some cloud. So it would be nice to have a little more integration with it. I'm mainly currently work inside Google Cloud, so i maybe don't see other needs also.
I have a lot file transfers to and from some buckets(gsutils are ). So it would be nice to have some tools inside SecureCRT/SecureFX to support this if i need something from outside the google universe.

By any possibility to get all kind of cloud-Storage to SecureFX?

S3 - AWS and generic(minio as example)
Backplaze B2
Google Cloud Storage
Open Stack Storage.

I like the combination of SecureCRT and SecureFX. But i think SecureFX should be more the it was in the current state. Make it to an all kind of file-transfer program, so we don't need any other. Make it to something, where we can access every kind of remote storage.

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