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Hi Frank,

I don't think I need the file after all. The QA team member was able to replicate the issue, apparently by matching the way you are closing the items. He wrote:
If I close the undocked session manager first, then close the SecureCRT window, the last position of the session manager is remembered on next launch. If I close the main window first (which causes the session manager to close as well), then the last position is not remembered.
So, would you test by closing the Session Manager first (red x on title bar), then close the main SecureCRT window.

Is the Session Manager opened in the expected position on next launch?

Once this new position is saved, you will not have to close in that order from then on out, unless you want to change the saved position.

Since this was not the behavior in older versions (pre 8.1), they plan still to investigate the change in behavior, but would like this confirmation (and it gives you a workaround for now).

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