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Originally Posted by Jeff
Please clarify this.

Normally, if you only install a bundle under applications, then you just include a bundle, and it gets "dragged" to applications to get installed. This is the "normal" way to install 90%+ of packages on the Mac.

An installation package (what you have) is typically used when you need to have files in several different places (some stuff under Applications, some stuff elsewhere). I've written packages that implemented daemons, and to do that, I needed to have launchd start up the daemon upon system boot (plus my code had dependencies of where stuff lived, and that wasn't completely under Applications).

So my question is: Do you have an installation package that solely installs a bundle under Applications?
Currently, yes. We wanted the installer to display the end user license agreement and we're considering installing some example Python scripts.

If yes: That's pretty wierd, and you probably shouldn't be doing that (that's contrary to the installation standards on Mac OS/X).

If no: I'd like a list of what you install, and where, so that I can properly clean up if I opt to not keep SecureCRT installed on my Mac. On Windows, you have a proper uninstall. On Mac, you don't. That's fine, as long as I have the information to do it myself should I choose to uninstall.

Please let me know - I will not install the BETA without this information. It's not acceptable to me to repave my Mac OS/X platform because SecureCRT doesn't have an uninstaller on the Mac platform (unless you're only installing a bundle under Applications).
If you want to remove all SecureCRT-related files, you will also want to delete the following directory that's created when SecureCRT is run for the first time:

/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/VanDyke/SecureCRT



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