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Association of local files with program in SecureFX

This troubles me for many years: In Windows I have associated file extensions with certain programs. SecureFX does not (always) honor such associations and even changing an association within SecureFX does not permanently save that change.

A reproducible example:

Within Windows, I have associated .css files with my preferred text editor, i.e., EmEditor, consequently double-clicking a .css file in Windows Explorer results in opening .css files with EmEditor.

However, if I open the same .css file by double-clicking in SecureFX's local window, it will be opened with Notepad. If I try to change that association in SecureFX (right clicking the .css file in SecureFX's local window > Open With > EmEditor ("Always use this program to open this type of file in SecureFX" checked) > OK > "This extension already has an association. Do you want to change it?" > Yes), that change is not saved, i.e., the next time I double-click the same file in SecureFX's local window, it will be opened with Notepad again.

This behavior does not depend on the Windows version, i.e., at least Windows 10, 8 and 7 exhibit the same problem.
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