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Hello vramaswa,

I have moved this post to its own thread.

For the most recent version of any script you find in the forums, you may want to check this sticky that was created to hold script examples.

You are correct that the Import Arbitrary script example does not use Default Session. In fact, the sessions are created the old way, by writing out to the ini file itself (as opposed to using SessionConfiguration object).

One of the fields that can be imported via that script is username. For password, you can just use the Default Session (or multiple session) tip to apply (or reapply) that information to all sessions again. If you have previously applied username/password via Default Session, it may be a multi-step process.

Note that this would, of course, only be applicable if *all sessions* use the same password.

Since the information has *already* been saved in the Default Session file itself, you would have to go through the process and clear the information from the password field (or enter something like tempPW) and then go through the process again and apply the correct password.

It is always recommended you backup your config before applying changes that affect multiple sessions. The location of your installation's Configuration folder is found in the General category of SecureCRT's Global Options.

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