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Hi ngrison,

Unfortunately the information you provided is not conclusive. It appears you may have inadvertently introduced a bug in the code that can impact the data seen/received.

WaitForScreenContentsToStopChanging with Synchronous true will not provide the desired or expected behavior. With Synchronous set to the true the only time your screen gets updated is if you use a WaitFor or ReadString, and because your modified version of the function does not contain any WaitFor or ReadString, the contents of your screen will not ever get updated while in that function. With that being the case WaitForScreenContentsToStopChanging will always return after the 250 ms delay, even if your remote is still sending data. For this function to work as expected it will need Synchronous set to false.

With a bit of additional information I may be able to suggest alternative methods of determining if your commands are finished running. What type of devices are you connecting to?

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