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Hi tjh,

I'm sorry you're having trouble. To get a better idea of what may be causing the problem can you provide a complete copy of the script that is having trouble. Please be sure your script does not contain any sensitive data and attach it as a .txt file for review.

To help eliminate any configuration issues I would like to see if the problem is still present if we use a known working session configuration on a machine you're currently having trouble with.

If machineA is working and machineB is not take the following steps:
  1. On machineA navigate to Options > Global Options > Configuration Paths
  2. Take note of the location of the Config folder
  3. Navigate to the Config folder and open the Sessions folder inside
  4. Locate the .ini for the known working session and create a copy
  5. Locate the Sessions folder on machineB
  6. Place the copy of the session ini file inside machineB's Sessions folder
  7. Restart SecureCRT

In SecureCRT use the new session to connect to your device. Does running your script now work as expected? Does it behave in the same way it did on the known working machine?

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