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Well, yes I did use exactly the same configuration both times, in that I am certain I did not change anything, but I have to stand down because when I restored the arcfour cipher, it still didn't work. So you're right, it's a coincidence. Also I confirmed your theory that it is using keyboard-interactive, not password, authentication, so that explains why it was attempting public-key authentication first. Why it succeeded before, I don't know as I haven't even had keys installed on the server -- in fact I had just done one of many bare-metal installs since last having keys installed. I was, by the way, using SecureCRT 8.0.0 when I first tested it, and upgraded to see if that would fix it. Maybe that explains the behavior.

The trace suggestion was helpful.

I can't explain what happened but I'm satisfied that it is independent of the cipher change. I should have thought to change the cipher back immediately and test that.

Case closed. Thanks for the quick response and the excellent help as usual.

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