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Unhappy Help! Repeat error in VShell logs - Connection from an IP rejected due to filter err

I require some help - I am using VShell x64 v4.04.
For the past few days in the VShell logs, I have seen the following repeat error, which redacted is:

VShellSSH2 conn {SomeNumbers} IP address {SomeNumbers} - - - 0 0 0 0 {My SFTP Server IP} 22 "{SomeNumbers}: Connection from rejected due to filter error: Hostname lookup failed: host not found"

The IP is listed in the Connection Filter, near the top of the list in terms of precedence, as:

Action: Allow

If I enter that IP in the Test filter and click the Test button:

Result: Access denied. Reverse IP lookup failed.

It is entirely possible I am doing something wrong in my administration of this system. I'm running VShell on a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM, which sits in a DMZ, but refers DNS resolution requests to a series of domain controllers.

I don't know what the "Test" button in VShell does behind the scenes, but I'd guess it is something to do with host lookups, because when I do a NSLOOKUP of a IP or host that is allowed and passes the "Test" button, it returns a valid host, but conversely when I enter an IP or hostname that fails said Test, the NSLOOKUP likewise fails to return a host and instead returns:

Address: {DomainControllerIP}

*** can't find Non-existent domain
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