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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- February 15, 2005

  • Added "Clone Session" to the tab menu, which creates a new session tab identitical to the current session. For SSH2, the transport is shared and re-authentication is not needed. For other protocols, authentication is required.
  • Added support for line editing to SFTP tabs.
  • Added a New Session Wizard that can be used to create new sessions.
  • New sessions now have unique default names.
  • URLs are automatically parsed from the hostname field in all dialogs.
  • In the Global Options dialog, double clicking a firewall displays up Firewall Properties dialog.
  • In the Global Options dialog, pressing the "delete" key delete the selected firewall.

Bug fixes:
  • SecureCRT crashed when attempting to resize the window during logon.
  • SecureCRT crashed if the network connection was lost when an SFTP tab was open.
  • The port number was not being saved for SSH2 when the session was edited.
  • When the option "Show session tabs" was changed in the Global Option dialog, the change did not take effect immediately.
  • The Activator's recently used sessions list was sometimes empty although there were recently used sessions.
  • In the description hover text in the Connect dialog, TAPI and Serial sessions said "hostname".
  • When renaming a tab from the tab menu, using '&' in the name caused the next character to be underlined.
  • Sending a zero length file to SecureCRT using Zmodem caused a hang.