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Changes in SecureCRT 5.0 (Alpha) -- January 18, 2005

  • Added a migration wizard that migrates and integrates configuration data if SecureFX is installed.
  • For encrypted data such as passwords and logon scripts, the encryption algorithm was changed from Blowfish to CAPI, which uses Microsoft cryptographic service providers to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Added support for foregrounding the specific session selected in Activator.

Bug fixes:
  • SecureCRT crashed when a hostname was longer than 129 characters.
  • The menubar, toolbar, and chat window did not work correctly with tabs. The first tab's settings now have precedence.
  • Changes made to a disconnected session did not take effect if the session was not the first tab.
  • Quick Connect sometimes connected to the wrong host.
  • When attepting to download files to an unwritable path using Zmodem, cancelling the transfer caused a crash.
  • The SSH2 compression level spinner control allowed values up to 100.
  • VSFTP: Strange output was produced when the command mkdir was used with VShell running on Windows server 2003.