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SecureCRT on iOS: honouring .ssh/config

Dear Forum,

I looked up and down in the forum and the interwebs, but have not found a pointer to a solution, therefore I kindly ask the forum for advice.

On my Mac, securecrt connects to remote hosts via a jumphost/firewall with no problems. I also succeeded in executing ProxyCommands on the firewall by putting the following in the .ssh/config file:
ProxyCommand /usr/bin/ssh me@ /usr/bin/nc %h %p

and this works like a charm, because the config file is honoured by secureCRT

On the iPad, I would like to do the same. But I have only firewalls/proxies, but no ProxyCommand that I can stuff into a .ssh/config file.

I've found the firewalls, and with a telnet firewall there is a ProxyCommand, but I cannot choose the RSA key. Likewise the other firewalls are lacking the ProxyCommand.

Is there any way to achieve this on the iPad/iPhone? Otherwise, secureCRT on the mobile devices will remain unusable to me and while I'm glad that vanDyke got more money for their development, I'd love to also use the product

best regards

PS: pure SSH2 Jumphost works with one set of hosts, but for another set of hosts I need the ProxyCommand.
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