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Question keyboard-interactive Script

Hi everyone

I need to make a script on VBScript to connect a network device with allows only the Keyboard-Interactive option to log on.

I'm using SecureCRT 5.2 and my company is not abble to upgrade this software; I have used SecureCRT 8.0 and it works but they dont want to purchase a new licence.

When I want to connect I use

crt.Session.Connect "/SSH2 /AUTH keyboard-interactive /L user /PASSWORD p@ssw0rd " & ip

I need to connect to almost 50 devices, so just do a Copy&Paste is not the best idea.

So, maybe if I could programmaly paste the password using VBScript or save the password in a session or something could be useful.

I´m sorry if I wrote something wrong, my english is not the best. Greetings from México

Than you in advance.
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