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Originally Posted by rtb View Post
Hi e2script,

Since your code is not capturing any data from the remote, you are going to need to investigate why.

If you aren't seeing any difference between the data in the raw log versus a regular log, the program you are using to view the contents of the files may not be able to or configured to display non-printing characters.

Ultimately, you are going to have to view the raw log in an editor that can display non-printing characters (including line ending characters). When you can see the non-printing characters, you will need to modify your script to match what you are seeing in the raw log.

I tried putting the raw log in Notepad++.
I can then see that there's 3 line breaks between the send command and the data received from the remote device.

So it looks like this:

aa1.ibli.2 # sh port 4 no | i 4

4 99999999_nom_praVL_1515_99999999 E A 1000 FULL
aa1.ibli.2 #

How can I fix the script so that it will search for 're.Pattern = ' in the 3rd line?
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