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Originally Posted by e2script View Post
I tried changing the re.Pattern from re.Pattern = "(VL_\d+)_" to re.Pattern = "1515" to see if it would make any difference.
It doesn't work. I still receive the "Pattern '(VL_\d+)_' wasn't found:".-message.
If you still see that literal message, then the code you wrote to try and change re.Pattern's value didn't get put in the right place (or is getting undone somewhere else in your code).

Look for all the places where you're doing 're.Pattern = '... and make sure that between that line and the latter line on which you're testing the pattern, there aren't any additional 're.Pattern = '... statements undoing your change.

Also, you will likely need to introduce some MsgBox statements to show you what's currently in strResults... What's actually in there might not be what you expect, in which case you would need to perform more code inspection along with actual output from the remote to find out where your code is going wrong.

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