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I'd use a regular expression, since the data you want seems to follow the pattern of VL_\d+_.
In the pattern above, \d+ means one or more digits

For example, since you have read the line of output into a strResults var...

' One example of your output - hardcoded for testing only
strResults = "1:73 98984477_dfegeerVL_8473_98984477 D R"

Set re = new RegExp
re.IgnoreCase = False
re.Pattern = "(VL_\d+)_"
'              |____|
'                ||
'   Data that matches pattern between
'   1st set of ()s will be known as:
'   ...Submatches(0)

If Not re.Test(strResults) Then
    crt.Dialog.MessageBox _
        "Pattern '" & re.Pattern & "' wasn't found: " & _
        vbcrlf & vbcrlf & strResults
    Set objMatches = re.Execute(strResults)
    strDataWeAreAfter = objMatches(0).Submatches(0)
    crt.Dialog.MessageBox "Here's what we extracted: " & strDataWeAreAfter
End If

More information about regular expressions can be found in the SecureCRT scripting guide (see chapter 4.3's sub-section titled, "Extracting Specific Information"), as well as in the MS VBScript documentation for the Regular Expression Object.

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