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Ctrl key sequences

Ctrl-Y is the key seq required to start the configuration of a new Nortel switch from the console (for example)

Nothing happens at all when I press Ctrl-Y, cannot go any further into switch config to try other sequences.

Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P move one page Next and Previous

Ctrl-R return to previous menu

If I change terminal app (iTerm for example) and hit Ctrl-Y, it takes me to the Nortel menu

I close the iTerm and re open SecureCRT, now the other Ctrl seq's above fail. Nothing at all seems to be sent to the console as there is zero response.

All these work fine from the same Mac with the same hardware from other terminal apps. Just fail in SecureCRT.


Originally Posted by miked View Post

Can you provide more information about some of the specific Ctrl shortcuts you have tried in SecureCRT and what the expected results were?
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