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Hi Ken,

Thanks for the question. Currently, SecureCRT does not have the ability to obfuscate scripts. I have created a feature request in our SecureCRT development database to add this capability.

Should a future release of SecureCRT have this ability, we will post to this thread. If you would like to be notified directly, please complete and submit the form at the following location:
Submit Feature Request
In the meantime, you may be able to use the following steps to encode an existing VBScript for use in SecureCRT:
  1. Write your script and test it to ensure proper operation within SecureCRT.
  2. Remove the two SecureCRT specific header lines, and save your script source file with a .vbs extension. In other words, the following two lines should *not* appear at the top of your un-encoded script source file:
    # $language = "VBScript.Encode"
    # $interface = "1.0"
  3. Download and install Microsoft Script Encoder
  4. Encode the .vbs script using a command-line similar to the following:
    "<path>\screnc.exe" test.vbs test.vbe
  5. Edit the encoded script (test.vbe) and add the following lines to the beginning of the script:
    # $language = "VBScript.Encode"
    # $interface = "1.0"
    '**Start Encode**
Note that Microsoft only supports the script encoder on Windows versions up through XP. Microsoft does not support the script encoder in Windows Vista or 7. See the following MSDN article for more details:

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