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Hello Jake

Thanks for your prompt reply and sorry for it wasn't clear.
  • What exactly is "unique" about the 'abc' in the example you provided?
  • Where is the "unique" data currently stored?
  • How do you associate the "unique" data to any particular host?

I meant to say every device has configure the different hostname.
The situation is I have 100 switches from 5 models. Every device will need to have different hostname. Naming doesn't really go by the model type. I'm not sure such the rule can be scripted easily to map switches properly, hence I wanted to set hostname by quick and easiest way manually while other common parameters are sent by crt.screen.send to all the devices.

Such the name is stored in the excel file or can be in txt file.

Is there way to read the hostname from the file and use it as the variable for "hostname <value>" without any duplication?

I just could see that the following has met my expectation.

strAnswer = InputBox("Please enter the hostname command: ")
crt.Screen.Send strAnswer & vbcr

I need to figure out how to expect only certain words in crt.Screen.WaitForString. The return prompt from devices will have the same string "abc" in it i.e. "[abc123]" "<abc_234>" "[abc_234]" "<abcdefe>" "abc88sdfd"
Any advice would be appreciated.

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