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Originally Posted by samky2005 View Post
How can I write the script to enter manually some device specific string?
Your question seems conflicted...
A script is used to automate data entry, but you want to use a script to manually enter data?

Originally Posted by samky2005 View Post
The below example, abc is value.

crt.Screen.Send "hostname abc" & chr(13)

There are many devices, and everytime the script runs for the device., it sends many common commands, but some parameter should be unique like above example.
The information you've provided so far is too ambiguous to know how to help.
  • What exactly is "unique" about the 'abc' in the example you provided?
  • Where is the "unique" data currently stored?
  • How do you associate the "unique" data to any particular host?
If you can provide more details and perhaps give 2-3 additional scenarios along with those details that we can use to fill in the gaps, it may become more clear how we might be able to answer your question.

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