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Semi-automated 2FA logon

Hi there,

I'm currently running SecureCRT 8.0.4 from a Windows machine. Due to the company introducing 2FA on the target Linux servers by means of pressing a button on a Yubikey. As a result, users are now required to type their domain password AND use a Yubikey code in the same passowrd prompt i.e.

username: USER1
password: <password><Yubikey>

Storing the user password through SSH does not wait for the Yubikey to be used, neither does using the send/expect sesion in Logon Actions.

Is there any way of storing the user's password securely so they don't have to type it, but awaiting their yubikey input before sending this to the server? Not sure if it's possible through VBS if not directly through CRT functions?

Many thanks,

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