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Right-click menu customization

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I have Version 8.0.1 of SecureCRT.

I finally found the problem:

When I added a new option (Telnet ip) in the right-click menu, it didn't do what was expected. I was expecting that after right-clicking the option I would see on the screen : Telnet <IP that I hi-lighted>

but instead, I got only : Telnet (with nothing following it).

POPUPMENU "[context]"
MENUITEM "Telnet ip", "SEND", "\n telnet \v" <-----new line that I added

the problem I had is that \v didn't send what was hi-lighted on my screen.

\v only sends what's in the clipboard.

So the solution to this is to have the option "Copy on select" in the Global options/Terminal checked. Because that options puts automatically whatever you hi-light on screen into the clipboard. If you don't have this checked, it won't work. That's the trick.

So now, when I hi-light an ip address on screen and choose my option "Telnet ip" in the right click menu I get this:


which is excatly what I was expecting.

Thank you,
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