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Originally Posted by Cyber Dog
Ok, it I feel kinda stupid.

But still, something seems amiss here. I know in previous betas this wasn't the default behavior. And why do we have two methods of doing this; I find it confusing that there's both the Connect and Connect in Tab options are available when Connect can already connect via tab. I hadn't even looked for the checkbox because I had made the basic assumption that the Connect menu was as opposed to the explicit Connect to Tab menu.
The reason there are two ways to do this is because people requested a "Connect in Tab" menu item since they're used to seeing this in other applications such as Mozilla/Firefox. However, longtime CRT/SecureCRT users are used to selecting "Connect" or Alt+C and we wanted those people to have the ability to open their sessions in a tab.

A suggestion was made to have the "Connect in Tab" menu item be changed to "New Tab" and have it create a blank tab that could be connected to. This would be more like what Firefox does. I don't know if we'd be able to implement it in 5.0, but I'd be interested in opinions on whether this would be better (or make more sense) to people than the current implementation. It would add a step to the connection process.