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Question ProxyCommand / Local Proxy

On my work PC i would like to switch from putty to SecureCRT because is SO much better, however, i have a sing (mandatory) feature which is still missing.

On putty i use "Local" proxy setting in order to launch proxytunnel software (, basically putty redirects STDIN/STDOUT through that command initializing ssh connection over it.

Proxytunnel itself permits to connect to a NTLM https proxy AND encapsulate an SSH connection using a remote apache server using CONNECT over HTTPS (so a 2 proxy jump). This is quite complicated but sometimes its the only way to bypass strong, layer 7 firewalls which understands payload and allows only HTTP(S) traffic going out.

From a "coding" point of view it doesn't seems too difficult (its just a popen), also OpenSSH client has this feature via "ProxyCommand" directive. Why SecureCRT does not implement this??

Thanks a lot.
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