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Script works for some hosts but not all


I'm stuck on this part, as the script works fine for some hosts but not all.

I connect through a jumpbox and it works fine with the script for some routers and not for other.

I think it has something to do with the way it's connecting.

When I connect to Router A for example manually, I connect through a session to a jumpbox and I get : jumpbox# where I input my command to connect :

jumpbox#ssh -l UID Router

Then I get a prompt to input my password.

Is there a way to replicate the same command below.

I mean is there way to connect directly inputing the password without any interactive keyboard ?


strConnectString = _
                    g_strFirewall & _
                    " /SSH2 " & _
                    " /L " & g_strUsername & _
                    " /AUTH password,keyboard-interactive /PASSWORD " & g_strPassword & _
                    " " & g_strHost

                strConnectString = _
                    g_strFirewall & _
                    " /SSH2 " & _
                    " " & g_strHost

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