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That would work only if the drive letter is the same on every computer you plug your drive into, correct? I was wondering if it could be a relative path like the old bat file instructions show on the launch script with seeing the sort variables =./ etc opposed drive: as an absolute path. Also, if it is to be used on both 32 bit and 64 bit computers, can 32 work for both? I was connecting to a vmware view computer today and while I could mount my drive, it failed to launch the app because I have 64 bit version and the view host was not.

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Hi Marianne,
Thanks for the post.

With the release of SecureCRT 7.2, there may be an easier method due to some changes that allow for cross-platform compatibility.

My suggestion would be the following:
  • Move the SecureCRT installation folder as a top level folder.
  • Add the configuration folder as it is generated by SecureCRT into the SecureCRT installation folder with no changes.
  • Add a Logs folder to the SecureCRT installation folder and log to that folder.
Here is a representation of my USB drive folder structure:
| +---Sessions
| \---KnownHosts
When configuring logging, just provide an absolute path to the Logs folder in the SecureCRT folder, and SecureCRT will handle things from there.

Does this help?
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