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Hi christopherchiu,
In SecureCRT, i have a script that display 2 dialog boxes for inputs. i want to exit out when either (a) user hit <cancel>, or (b) user hit <ok> but nothing was entered.
There's an example in the SecureCRT Help topic for Dialog Object / Prompt Method (Scripting / Script Objects Reference):

crt.Dialog.Prompt(message [, title [, default [, isPassword ]]])
password = crt.Dialog.Prompt("Enter your password:", "Logon Script", "", True)
if password == "":
# User clicked Cancel button
# User added data
The if == "" would cover both a cancel or empty scenario. To exit out, use return or break.

When in VB, there is a system variable Err.Number. How is it in python? Thanks
As I told you in email, I don't know that there is a direct equivalent. If you wrap code in a try/except block there are built-in exceptions available in Python but that's more a Python inquiry than it is SecureCRT.

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