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After offering to send you a "Raw Log Session" output file, I took a look at a few of them myself, and learned something about how MicroEMACS writes to the screen. If I am editing two files at once, and the two files are very similar, then when I ask MicroEMACS to switch from one file to the other, it only outputs to the screen the data that is DIFFERENT between the two screens (i.e. files), using the usual VT-100 escape sequences to position the writing of the screen data. Actually, I'm ASSUMING that it's MicroEMACS that exhibits this behavior -- but maybe it is some other software layer that comes between MicroEMACS and my SecureCRT program (like the tty driver in Linux?).

At any rate, I can see now why SecureCRT might not clear the "phantom" highlighting in this case. But on the other hand, SecureCRT 4 does handle this situation properly.

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