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Build 808: Error with tab close button.

I've encountered something new in Build 808...although I cannot say whether it is new or existed in B1 and B2 as I did not try this scenario with the prior betas.

While working with one of our console servers, I had previously opened multiple tabs of different connections. One of the new tabs was a connection to a specific port the console server, whose username includes the port name to which we are connecting (e.g. root:portname).

My default window titlebar setting is "%s (%u@%h:%p)" which will give me a tab name such as "Consoles (root:portname@conserver:22)". Exiting from the port is simply done by closing the connection, so I clicked on the red X button in the tab bar to close the tab.

The connection did not close, and I was subsequently prevented from interacting with that tab in any way. All I/O was ignored, and no commands (disconnect, close) were honored. Yet the connection was still open as verified by the console server in another tab. All other tabs are unaffected by the frozen tab.

This only occurs if I try to close or disconnect tabs that were logged in with SSH with the username such as the above (username:portname). Other tabs are not affected by this bug. Any further information necessary in debugging this problem can be provided upon request.


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