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Connection pre-empting Connect Bar edit box

I often use the connect bar to connect to multiple hosts in quick succession and this has caused me to get frustrated often by a default behavior of SecureCRT.

Here's the situation:

1) I type in an IP address into the Connect bar and hit enter (IE:
2) While it's initiating its connection, I hit ALT-R and begin typing in my next IP address to connect to (IE:

If the first connection completes while I'm typing in the IP address for the 2nd connection, then my cursor is moved to the newly connected session window. This usually results in some of the IP address that I was typing to be in the Connection Bar and some of it now being typed in at the "username: " prompt of the newly connection session.

It's very annoying.

I do like how the cursor is moved from the connection bar to the terminal pane after hitting <enter>, but not that's it moved again after a connection is made while I'm typing.

Is it possible to disable the 2nd moving of the cursor?
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