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Tiling sessions - multiple sessions on one screen

Hi, I had a look through forums for this, there was surprisingly little on this feature:

I found a post from last year:

"It is possible to get the Window menu by using a custom menu. However, it doesn't support being able to tile or navigate to specific tabs. I will add your request to our development database for consideration in a future version."

I was looking for a feature like this where you could split the window up to 2 or 4 screens. Using a large monitor, and debugging network problems where you are watching two/four machines communicate needs two windows, and you have to continually switch back and forth between the sessions to see what is going on. Continually, we use watch, or tail -f to look at logs, but still want to control the application with a command on another screen and observe the logs, we need more windows for that.

Before I purchased SecureCRT, I used QuadKonsole on linux, which was amazing, it split up the screen into 4 sessions and was great for debugging network problems across hosts. I think Putty Connection Manager has a similar feature where you can tile sessions across the screen by dragging also.

I know you can have multipe SecureCRT windows open at once and move/tile them yourself, but there is menu overhead on the screen, and whenever you switch monitors, or go back to the laptop screen, they never fit right and continually need adjusted.

I was wondering if this was getting any traction in the roadmap for SecureCRT - you would have my vote.

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