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As I've said all along, drag & drop is preferred and is why I already provided pointers to methods to display the agreement on opening the dmg rather than forcing the use of an installer.

My point right now is that if VanDyke is not going to change the use of the installer for some unknown amount of time then at the very least they should fix the Info.plist in the installer package so it doesn't insist on admin privileges it has no need for.

As in the other thread, I'm not overly thrilled with having to use an install package because it typically means there are a lot of things going on in the background that will make cleanup a pain. I, and I'm sure others, don't trust it at all when the installer insists on having admin / root privilege when there is no explanation at all on why it needs that privilege. In this instance, it doesn't need that privilege level at all.
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