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Installer in dmg file

If VanDyke is going to keep forcing the use of an installer in the dmg rather than just allow a simple drag & drop install, can you folks at least get rid of the admin privilege requirement? It doesn't need it.

In the package, Contents/Info.plist, simply delete the following:

Just tried it when I upgraded to the current beta and it worked perfectly fine without requesting admin privilege.

It still doesn't make sense to me why the dmg requires the installer anyway. Supposedly it's to force showing the license agreement yet a tgz application bundle is offered which doesn't have that requirement and can simply be extracted and moved to whatever destination I choose. I was also told that offering both a dmg package installer and tgz application bundle was by customer request which I also find strange. Possibly it was requested to bypass the overzealous requirements of the completely unnecessary package installer?


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