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Hi obiwog,

The original post in this thread is from so long ago, I don't think it's relevant.

Would you attach a screenshot of the dialog?

So you get that dialog as soon as SecureCRT is launched?

Is SecureCRT crashing? If not, do you have an auto session configured?

I have not heard of this issue occurring and I'm unable to replicate it so far.

* I have tried creating the directory (didn't originally exist) and setting the file permissions as directed
I have heard the /cores directory won't exist until something crashes, so it's good that it did not exist.

* I have even tried trashing my config folder in case it was a left-over from a previous version
You are referring to just deleting the files/folders found in the directory that is pointed to in the General / Configuration Paths category of Global Options, correct?

So there was a prior version installed? What version was it?

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