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Unhappy Same problem

Hi We have the exact same issue - I'm attempting to write a quick script to silent install/upgrade our desktops from Scrt 4.1 -> 5.2 Unfortunatly I am repeatedly prompted to migrate once the upgrade occurs(if I see another config folder with VanDyke appended to the end I'll scream ) The migration occurs the new folder migration log has no errors and everything appears tickety boo.
It doesn't seem to matter what I do I can't get a stable none migration setup. The closest I've come is to run the upgrade and then put a VDSRedirect.ini in the new folder pointing back to itself. This comes up with a prompt warning to use a different folder (listed as the same one) but loads the sessions fine.

Is the a file flag or registry setting which I could set to get me out fo this migration nightmare - we have around 500 sessions an dI don't want to have to create them a new under version 5 just to stop this loop.


Justin Butterworth
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