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Hi Eddycurrents,

It is hard to tell what may have happened to cause these migrations to occur.

I need to get some more information to see what happened.

The migration wizard does log what happens during the migration attempts. This log is located in the current configuration folder that SecureCRT is using and is called migratelog.txt.

Could you send me this log file?

This information can also be obtained in the final screen of the migration wizard. Just wait for it to complete and copy all the text from that dialog.

Is '/F' still being used on the command line?

Are there any other versions of SecureCRT installed on this system?

Do any folders named 'Config' exist in SecureCRT's installation folder?

Would it be possible to have you send me a zip file of your configuration?

Also, could you export the following registry key and send that to me also?


Since these can contain information that should not be posted on a public forum, feel free to email this to me at with a subject of ATTN: Teresa Forum Thread 1693.


Teresa Nygren
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