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Spurious migration dialogs

Hi, I have been having this problem on and off for a long time. I am using SecureCRT 5.1.2 but I think I have seen it in 5.0 or 5.1.

Sometimes when I start SecureCRT it triggers the migration dialog. It happens every few months. I have tried various things to stop it but nothing works, I have to just sit it out.

This is annoying. I have to wait for my sessions to copy to the new folder (I have > 1000 sessions, it takes several minutes), and then I have to set all my global options again.

Today it happened, and after migration I got the migration dialog again, three times in a row. I thought I was screwed! I fiddled with the VDSRedirect file and the registry settings and did a bunch of migrations and after about 30 minutes I made it go away. I don't remember all that I did.

Please help! What triggers the migration dialog?? How can I stop it from coming up? I lost a half hour of productivity when I could least afford it.

I saw an old post about someone who got the little migration notice (not the big dialog, like I'm getting). I tried your advice there, of adding the /F option to the shortcut, but it didn't help.

I did get the little migration notice at one point in my fiddling. Adding the /F option didn't get rid of it. I eventually did get rid of this notice but I don't know how, exactly.
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