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SecureCRT 256 columns being reset to 132

Using SecureCRT V8.5.4 on Windows 7 to open terminal on OpenVMS clients. Emulation is set to Xterm, Logical columns to 256, Retain Size and Font. Maximum columns in the Terminal Appearance of Global Options is set to 256.

When I open a terminal , the width is correctly set to 256 :
- I can enter lines up to 256 characters , without the lines being wrapped
- the Bottom status line indicates 79 rows, 256 Cols

But as soon as I enter an OpenVMS command in the terminal to change terminal settings eg. SET TERM/WIDTH=256, the terminal is reset to 132 characters :

- Lines are wrapped at 132 characters
- Bottom status line shows 79 Rows, 132 Cols.

The only way to reset it to 256 chars minimize the screen and maximize it again or to open a new terminal

I suppose the command is sending some escape characters being incorrectly interpreted by SecureCRT.
Is there a way to avoid this, or to reset the terminal with a shortcut ?

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