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Create a tab to connect and then use that tab in connection loop

Hi there,

I want to create a new tab with a connection:

Set tab = crt.Session.ConnectInTab("/FIREWALL /Telnet A.B.C.D0")

Then do stuff, and then disconnect that tab and reuse it for another connection in a looop:

tab.Session.Connect ("/FIREWALL /Telnet A.B.C.D1")
tab.Session.Connect ("/FIREWALL /Telnet A.B.C.DN")

This code is not working because it get stuck in the 2nd disconnect not showing the prompt till I stop the script and then show the prompt of the second telnet. (I'm currently using just 2 without a loop to build it incrementally.

I guess there is something wrong in the code but can't find where and googling didn't help.

Anyone knows what's the issue?

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