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Hello enb,
Originally Posted by enb
Hi all...
I have the basic version of CRT and am accessing a radio system in dumb terminal mode emulating a VT100, and can't seem to get the log function to save everything, all I get is my closing page (logout). I can receive and log ASCII, but don't want any of the extraneous control characters. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
If I understand you correctly, you are connecting to a radio system and trying to log the session. You are wanting to log the session, but it sounds like you are either getting extra control charactrers, or only seeing the last part of the log file. Is this correct?

Since there are several things that can affect what information is logged, and how it is logged, I think it may be best to start at the top.

First, I need to find out what version and build of CRT you are using. You cn find this informatio in the Help / About CRT menu. Can you tell me what version of CRT you are running, and what build it is?

Next, from the time you open CRT, can you tell me the exact steps you use when trying to generate the log of the session?

You mentioned that you are seeing Control sequences as well. Can you tell me if you are trying to generate a Raw Log, or have Trace Options enabled?


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