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Tab grouping bug


I found a tiny bug in SecureCRT that causes the tabs to group tightly together when I open multiple sessions in tabs.

This image shows that when I open scrt its already reduced, this seems to be part of what triggers it.. if I have it so that its maxmized when it opens, it doesn't seem to occur.

This image shows that I maximize it before opening any sessions..

and here is a screenshot of it happening after I have opened 6 connections..

Also just so you know my tab settings that I changed.. I have my minimum tab width set to 75px and "Only show tabs when there is more than one" checked. I changed the 75px setting after the first time this happened, I thought that maybe the setting was too low and that was what caused it.. it wasn't till I reduced and maximize the screen till it fixed it and aftewards I realized it was a bug and not the min width setting causing it..

Hope this helps!

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