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slow pasting in El Capitan

I was running SecureCRT 7.3.6 on OS X Yosemite without issue, then installed El Capitan (fresh install; not an upgrade.) I installed SecureCRT and moved over all configuration info (~/Library/Application Support/VanDyke/SecureCRT/Config). Everything seems exactly as I had it configured before and works perfectly fine except when I paste text it's very slow. My line and character delay settings moved over (100 & 2 respectively), but I tried bumping them down to 50 & 1, but no change in the speed. If I use Mac's native terminal, it still pastes very fast.

I use SecureCRT mostly for Cisco device configuration and am often pasting large chunks of config, so the speed is important. I am accustomed to tweaking the two settings above because if it's too fast, it overflows the buffer and fails when pasting more than a few lines of config. 100ms line / 2ms char delay were my old settings and while it wasn't the fastest possible, it was tolerable and allowed me to paste a seemingly infinite # of config lines without issue. I am not having overflow issues, which is good, but the speed is nearly intolerable. I can almost read as fast as it pastes. Is there something else I need to do now that I'm using El Capitan?
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