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Hi solidstate214,

I am sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Are you using v8.7.0 official release (build 2143)?

If so, we will need to get a process dump when SecureCRT is in this state of missing UI elements. (If not, please upgrade to that version and if still the same issue, continue with the below steps.)

You will need to have the cores option enabled in SecureCRT:

Here is how to create a process dump:
  1. Run the Activity Monitor. This can be found by typing Activity in Spotlight.
  2. In the Activity Monitor, click on SecureCRT.
  3. Select Send Signal to Process from the View menu.
  4. Send the Abort (SIGABRT) signal to SecureCRT.
  5. When you restart SecureCRT, information will be displayed about where to find the core dump (should be on the Desktop).
After capturing the process dump, write to and include the email address associated with your download account and you will be given instructions on how to upload that to us. Please include Forum thread #14081 in the subject line.
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